Beer now selling

Just click on the “Buy beer” tab and take it from there. A carton of 24 x 330 ml bottles is $49.50, and six 330 ml bottles is $16.50. At this stage you will need to pick up your beer from Absolute Homebrew at St Marys. This is a temporary arrangement until everything is running properly.

Beer for sale

The bottle filler was commissioned last Tuesday. So there is bottled beer to sell. It is a preliminary/trial batch. It is pale, somewhat dry and moderately hoppy. I’ve decided to call thisĀ  beer “Lounge”, at 5.2% it is about 0.5% stronger than what I want it to be.

This preliminary version of Lounge will be $49.50 for a carton of 24 x 33o ml bottles. You will be able to buy itĀ  in a couple of days from this website. Unfortunately I can’t offer delivery yet, so you will need to pick up the beer from Absolute Homebrew at St Marys.

More information in a day or two.

Up and crawling

I can’t say up and running yet. The brewery is operating in a limited way, there is still lots of things to do – such as put a coolroom in. But, beer is being brewed. Four contract brews have gone through, and a brew for me. I should have four kegs to sell mid next week. The rest will be used to commission the bottle filler on July 6th.

I need to do a lot of work on this site.

Waste water, builders and mill







Last weekend we went to Orange to see the waste water set up at Badlands Brewery. Very kind of Jon to take the time with us. Always enjoy Orange, although last weekend was freezing – we missed the snow on the Saturday.

The tanks and flowmeter for the waste water treatment have arrived. One tank is a 1,000 litre IBC, the other a 3,000 litre slimline water tank.

slimline tank








I need to fill up the gaps and recessed parts of the tank on one side before putting the tank up against the mill room wall.

Just before Easter had a builder come to quote on work for the disabled toilet, several unanswered phone calls later don’t know what happened. Had another builder come this morning. Hope to get a quote in a day or so.

Also braced the mill frame with a triangular section today. The mill doesn’t shake anymore.









The next couple of weeks should be quite busy.







April update

Quite a few things to report. Been running water through the system. All the solenoids and valves appear to be working. Had to get a new compressed air actuator for one of the brewhouse valves as the actuator was missing. Figured out how to do most things with the system.

The steam guys should be coming in the next week or so to re-position the sight glass. Can then get the boiler commissioned and do a water brew.

Had the fridge mechanic come and turn the glycol chiller on. Pump, compressor and controls are working. One of the condensor fans had shat itself. It is now with the rewinder getting repaired.

A couple of weeks ago two people from Sydney Water came out about the waste water treatment. It was a productive meeting, they were very helpful and made several useful suggestions.

The next month or so will be quite busy, it’s the final push. Although there is still excise registration.


The usual bumpy ride. They laughed at Donald Rumsfeld when he talked about known unknowns and unknown unknowns. It’s true. You can only plan for the contingencies which you can imagine. What do you do about the one’s you never imagined? It’s mostly small stuff, but it all adds up with time and money.

The electricity is all connected and I have run water through the brewhouse. Things turn in the correct direction. Didn’t quite go to plan because I found that at some point some has removed (thieved) a compressed air actuator for one of the butterfly valves on the brewhouse. Couldn’t recirculate through the kettle to whirlpool. Now have a new actuator from Inoxpa in Victoria.

The boiler installation was supposedly finished. The man came to start the process of commissioning it. It goes like this, the man comes and gets all the details of the boiler, he puts in an application in to AGL, AGL give him preliminary permission to fire up the boiler, the man fires up the boiler and sends the paperwork back to AGL, AGL then send out an inspector to inspector the gas work, then a boiler inspector comes to inspect the steam side.

Turns out a water sight gauge is mounted in the wrong place. It’s been built like that. The gauge is mounted to an exterior chamber. It needs to be mounted directly to the steam drum. Not a big job, but . . .

Getting close.




New year update

Things have been moving along, but always something unexpected comes up. The electrical installation is complete, although the control panel electrics need to be checked. I’ve been able to shift water around the brewhouse, partly. A compressed air actuator for one of the butterfly valves was missing so I could not recirculate water back through the kettle. I found the distributor down in Melbourne and ordered a new actuator and bracket to attach it to the valve. They’ve sent me a bracket for a 2 inch, not a 1.5 inch valve.

The boiler is all plumbed up and ready to go, almost. It needs a minor modification. There is a sight glass on the boiler and it needs to be plumbed directly into the steam drum inside the boiler. A straightforward enough job in itself. The tricky part is how to go through the removable panel on the boiler. The panel will need to be cut in half so it can go around the pipes leading from the steam drum to the gauge.